Schwinn Balance Bike, 12-Inch

Discover the excellent of the Schwinn Balance Bike that comes with a host of design features to make it ideal for the needs of your growing child. Simply put, this bike is ideal for your little one since it does not comprise of the conventional pedal and chain structure, which often makes it challenging for your little one to ride around. Therefore, this balance bike has a special foot to floor frame design to help your child enjoy moving around with a bike and while inspiring their confidence and bike balance levels as well. Best of all, it also comes with an adjustable seat and handlebars to suit the needs of your growing child.

About Product Company

The Swchinn Bicycle Company is a company in Chicago that has been producing top quality biking solutions ever since 1895. The company was formed by a mechanical engineer known as Ignaz Schwinn. More so, this bike company became one of the dominant producers of Biking solutions, and their designs are believed to have inspired the entire biking industry. Nowadays, this company still produces top quality biking solution, and this best balance bike Is one of them.

Schwinn Balance Bike Features

 Schwinn foot to floor frame design

Perhaps one of the most beneficial design features of this best balance bike is that it comes with a special foot to floor frame design that helps inspire the confidence levels of your child. Unlike the conventional bicycles that often come with mechanical pedals, this Schwinn Bike does not have these components, which makes it ideal for your little one’s needs. The inclusion of the air tires and tubes provide a comfortable roll as your child moves around with the bike.

Durable construction

The manufacturers of this bike have also done well to make the components of the bicycle durable enough for long term performance. This is especially true since children are often exposing their toys to rigorous forms of play, which highlights the need for durable solutions. Best of all, the bike has a durable construction without causing any compromise on the overall weight of the bike.

Adjustable seat and handlebars

Further lending to the superior design features of this Schwinn Bike is that it comes with a customizable seat and handlebars. In this case, this seat and handlebars can be adjusted to ensure that the bike `grows` with your little one`s needs in mind. All you need to do is to twist the handlebars or seat with some minimal effort to achieve the desired results.

Ergonomic features

Besides all that, this bike also comes with a host of ergonomic design features that provide enhanced comfort. For instance, the handlebars come with special rubber-like additions that improve bike handling and comfort at the same time. Additionally, the seats also come with a special plastic design as an ergonomic addition.


This balance bike comprises of durable components

It also has ergonomic design features

The special foot to floor frame design helps your kid to master their balance

This bike also comes with an adjustable seat and handlebars

This best balance bike for 3-year-olds also comes with air tires and tubes for a comfortable roll


The adjustable seat and handlebars have a limited height setting

The tires are susceptible to rough terrains

The paint of the bike is prone to damage and scratches


Does this bicycle come assembled?

It comes with back tire and forks assembled. You have to assemble the front wheel and handlebars.

If you measure from the ground, what is the highest seat setting?

The seat averages at 22 inches and you can easily customize the height to suit the needs of your child.

Can we add pedals at some point?

No this might not be possible since the bike has been designed to help your child learn how to glide and balance without the interruptions of a pedal structure.

Final verdict

All things considered, when it comes to providing your child with worthwhile and lasting solutions for their biking needs, it is important that you choose the appropriate solutions. One such example would be the Schwinn Balance Bike, which comprises of a host of superior design features that make it ideal for your growing child.

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